Purple Shampoo Overview

In college I would often go to the local Rite Aid to buy my shampoo. Most of the time, honestly, I was just focused on getting the shampoo conditioner mix I wanted and leaving the store as soon as possible. Honestly I wouldn’t even pay attention to the other shampoos in the store. Maybe occasionally I would take a look at the shampoos but I always felt all the shampoos I saw just did same thing clean out your hair and maybe occasionally you would come across an anti-dandruff one. Recently though I’ve discovered that certain shampoos are capable of things that I never would have expected. One of the more interesting one of these shampoos, which will be my main focus in the article, is purple shampoo.

What is Purple Shampoo?

So you’re probably thinking that maybe purple shampoo is to help you clean out purple hair dye. Not the case though.

Purple shampoo is a purple colored shampoo used to help brighten gray or blonde hair. Usually though purple hair shampoo is used for dyed blonde, naturally blonde, or gray hair. Purple shampoo can also help with the neutralization of orange, green, or yellow tones because purple is opposite these colors on the color wheel. The shampoo also works great with chemically treated hair like bleached hair since this hair tends to be more porous.

Similar to a lot of cleaning and moisturizing agents Purple shampoo also contains a pigment which is almost always violet.

Like the cleaning and moisturizing agents found in a lot of other shampoos, purple shampoo also contains a pigment and typically before-and-after-using-purple-shampoothis pigment is a violet color.

What causes brassy tones?

In the last section we briefly touched upon how purple shampoo is involved in the neutralization of orange, green, and yellow tones of hair. Why though does purple shampoo have to treat these tones in the first place? The reason purple shampoo is treating these tones is because the hair has become brassy. Brassy hair tends to refer to hair that hasn’t been dyed nor gone through all the stages of color development.

What are the benefits of using purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo has a lot of great benefits that will let you keep your colorful blonde hair that you love. Purple shampoo has several benefits that will help give you great hair. First of all using purple shampoo will save you a lot of money. Recommended as the shampoo to use for unwanted brassy tones within your hair purple shampoo extends the life of your hair color that you would have otherwise needed to spend a lot of money on to get highlighted by a salon. Not only that but purple shampoo also does a great job at removing unwanted pigments leftover in dyed hair.

Sometimes, while swimming in a pool, blondes may notice their hair starting to turn green. This green color is usually due to their blonde hair reacting to the pool’s chlorinated water. The chlorine gives the hair a more green color because it is able to oxidize copper found in some algaecides. Purple hair shampoo is also able to counter the oxidize copper and return your hair back into its natural blonde color.

What Will Purple Shampoo Do for Brown Hair?

We’ve mainly talked about what purple shampoo can do for blonde hair up until this point but what about other hair colors? For example does purple shampoo do anything for brown hair?

Purple shampoo is beneficial in helping you maintain your brown hair in several ways. Purple shampoo can add a little bit of extra dimension to your brown hair by helping you make it more radiant and rich in color.

Top-10 Purple Shampoo Options

At this point in the article you’re probably asking yourself the following questions about purple shampoo. The first question is probably where do I buy this kind of shampoo? And what are the recommended brands? The answer to the first question is a variety of online and offline stores. Regarding the second question though here is our list of the top 10 best purple shampoo’s out there:the-shampoo-actually-comes-out-purple-1

  1. Clairol Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo

One of the best purple shampoos out there this shampoo is especially made for blonde and silver hair. The shampoo is made with a strong formula, tinted with a fairly dark purple and has a great smell. The shampoo is made with a thick texture. The thick texture may be harder to rinse out. In the event that this occurs don’t worry. All you need to do to wash out the shampoo is leave it in your hair for 3-5 minutes prior to washing and you should be able to wash it out without a problem.

The shampoo also does a great job at enhancing blonde platinum colored hair into looking more vibrant. The shampoo deep cleans your hair, and makes it feel and look healthier right away.

The shampoo does a great job at enhancing and removing any unwanted color in blonde or silver hair which is what most people are looking for when they are seeking out the best quality purple shampoo.

  1. Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo

This shampoo is great for blonde hair, gray hair, and giving your hair that tone you need. The bottle may read violet but don’t let that deceive you. The shade of the shampoo is still very much a dark purple one. The shampoo is a little bit of a thicker one but still does a great job at helping you rinse your hair out. Joico is also one of the more popular less expensive shampoos available.

  1. Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo

This shampoo is great at washing away any yellow tones. The shampoo is light on dark grey and lighter hair. It is easy and gentle on your hair and doesn’t cause any damage at all. The shampoo is also great for darker tones of hair or brunette hair and is able to get rid of warmer tones.

  1. Matrix Color Care So Silver Purple Shampoo

This shampoo is great for all different hair colors. Some girls recommend leaving it on for up to 3 extra minutes to help give you brighter, longer lasting, and clean colored hair. The shampoo is great for highlighted hair, lowlighted hair, and dyed hair.

  1. Biosilk Color Therapy Cool Blonde Shampoo

This shampoo may smell more expensive but it tends to be a lot gentler on your hair than others. It is critical that this shampoo is applied together with a good conditioner so it doesn’t dry out your hair.

  1. DIY (do it yourself) Purple Shampoo Conditioner

You don’t necessarily need to spend money on national or private label brands of purple shampoo. Instead you can make it on your own for a fraction of the cost! Here is one recipe for how to make your own purple hair shampoo:

  • To make the shampoo you will need any inexpensive moisturizing shampoo or conditioner preferably one that is white. White shampoo will be easier to use so you can more easily regulate how light or dark purple you want the shampoo to be. Other ingredients that will be needed to make the shampoo include Gentian violet dye, a semi-permanent ammonia and peroxide free hair color, or good food coloring with violet shade, a bowl and plastic spoon to mix the ingredients, a funnel, and an empty bottle.
  • After gathering together all of the ingredients you will then need to empty the shampoo and 2-3 drops totaling a pea size of the violet food coloring into your bowl. After pouring all of the ingredients into your bowl use a funnel to the pour the mixture into an empty bottle for storage and enjoy your homemade DIY purple shampoo!
  1. Nak Aromas Blonde Shampoo

This purple shampoo is capable of both strengthening your hair and neutralizing any unwanted tone you may have. The shampoo is a stronger one that needs to be used in small doses. It does a great job at hydrating your hair. The shampoo contains Argan oil which nourishes your hair while giving it a great scent.

  1. Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

Shampoo which contains a vast range of colored shampoos and even has a blue one for darker hair. This shampoo is capable of correcting tones and fighting other hair problems including limp hair and frizz causing your hair to be a lot brighter and healthier. Using this shampoo leaves you with nice smelling hair which is totally worth the money.

  1. Unite Blonda Toning Shampoo

This shampoo last for a long time. The shampoo tends to be on the more expensive side and should be used with a hydrating conditioner to prevent it from drying out completely. The shampoo smells like a luscious grape juice. Warning: The shampoo is very strong and shouldn’t be overused. It tones out every little piece of brassiness it find in your hair while leaving it feeling soft after it is used.

  1. Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo

This shampoo is a great buy. Relatively inexpensive this shampoo is strong and efficient. The shampoos lasts a while even between washes and if used once a week. The shampoo is great for platinum blondes or for people with a lot of highlights. The product is a bit messy so it is recommended to use gloves while applying to prevent your hands from being stained. The shampoo shouldn’t be left out for too long to prevent your hair from developing a purple tinge.

Purple Shampoo before and after results

Let’s take you through a typical experience many have had using purple shampoo. For example, let’s say you have a college senior named Brittany. Brittany started toning her hair to make it look blonde about three months ago. In that time she notices that her hair isn’t looking so great and her blonde hair has become rather brassy.

Brittany starts to freak out but then remembers that she read about a shampoo that was great with dealing with this exact problem. This type of shampoo is purple shampoo. So Brittany goes out and buys some good quality purple shampoo (don’t worry it was one from our top 10 list above). Brittany then applies the shampoo and her hair is a much stronger blonde than it was prior to using the shampoo.

Brittany could be any of the many users who have dyed their hair blonde, brunette, or brown, whom have experienced their hair turn brassy, and after using purple shampoo have strengthened it.

When and How Often Should I Use Purple Shampoo?

So we’ve talked about what purple shampoo is, what it does, and the positive results experienced by a wide range of its users. So we’ve covered the and why, to some degree, of purple shampoo. Now we are going to ask the question of when and how often purple shampoo should be used.

The answers given for this question vary. Some recommend that purple shampoo should be used every other time you shampoo (e.g. you shampoo in a pattern similar to this other shampoo, purple shampoo, other shampoo). Others recommend that you use a purple shampoo once or twice a week to combat dullness and maintain your hair color. Others don’t necessarily give an exact time for when to apply purple shampoo. Instead they focus on some key criteria you should use to determine how often you should use the purple hair shampoo. These factors include how often you regularly shampoo your hair or how well your hair is able to hold tone.


Purple shampoo does a great job helping you keep your blonde, brown, or brunette hair colorful, free of brassiness, and keep you looking great. There are many great purple shampoos out there that you can try. Pick your favorite and afterwards you will be sure to have some great results!

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School of life

kidsIt’s a pretty safe assumption to say that kids normal don’t like school, my self-included. Every year the kids pray for a now day, not just for the fun in the snow but for the not going o school aspect. I even remember getting exited for when the teacher wouldn’t show up to school because then there wouldn’t be that class that day and we can go outside and play.

Subs were also a treat since usually there were just paid babysitters trying to control us, but as usual, to no avail. I even remember sneaking out of class and going down the to the vending machines to get some snack as an icing on the cake for getting out and staying out without getting caught. We had a security guard, so we couldn’t sneak out of school. Believe me, if there wasn’t a guard, we would have definitely snuck out. The under lining factor that I see from my childhood is that, we just didn’t like class, and we got a high from not having it.

kids1Now as I get older and look back to my younger year I realize how much class and more importantly, paying attention in class are for the future. Having a solid educational foundation is paramount for anything you want to attempt in life. The younger years are so important since when you are young that’s when you absorb information the most. When you are older you have to deal with life. Whether its rent or family or a relationship, there is just so much more taking from your time doing or even learning something new.

Personally I finished college with a BA. Like everyone I didn’t really pay attention in elementary school or high school that much. Consequentially my marks weren’t the best. They weren’t bad but I could’ve definitely done better. I’m not saying that marks are everything and that you shouldn’t have a good time every so often. I simply wish that I understood how much having good grade help. People like parents or mentors do trying to convey the message to the younger generation of the importance of education but like many, I was well, too young to understand.

I find it interesting how that works. It’s kind of like a circle of like situation. From my humble experience I see that this phenomenon is repeated by every young generation. When you are young you are told and you hear what they are telling you but only later do you truly understand. I find that it’s not even just education, it’s basically everything. Forget about those who unfortunately don’t have guardians to show then the way but even fortunate people. A person only heads the warning only after the fact. Or regarding education, only once you are though school do you see the potential and the goodness you had there. How can we let the younger ones see what they will later learn, only when it’s too late? Well now that’s a great question. I guess that’s one of life’s greatest lesson.

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