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Mrs. Preggers!

My sister was pregnant again. I couldn’t believe it, she is on baby five and I am on zero! She looks so good preggers! I call her Mrs. Preggers because she always seems to be pregnant these days. She met me in the park and we sat on the bench with our cold coffees and my Tea Tree oil Shampoo smelling hair – she always comments on it and she wants me to buy her a bottle, but I am keeping this one to myself. I am like hey girl, you have five babies so let me have nice
smelling hair! We are such a pair of weirdos! Or at least I am – how can I compare Tea Tree oil shampoo hair to not having or having babies! I don’t know. Maybe I am just crazy broody! I am in my late 20’s and my body is screaming at me – have babies and have babies now! Every-time my sister has another one my body cries a little – that’s the sad part of it and the melodramatic part but actually the good part is I get to be an aunty and a super aunty at that!

I was pregnant once, pregnant with twins! But I lost them, I had an unfortunate miscarriage. I suffer with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS) which is apparently quite common in women these days. I think it was a blessing in disguise though even though that’s not a nice thing to say necessarily. I say that though in the context that I don’t think my ex and I were a match made in heaven! We just didn’t see eye-to- eye so having his baby or babies would have been a bad idea.

I do hope that I get the chance again though. You know how sometimes life can seem like its passing you by. I really don’t want to be artificially inseminated or adopt. Touch subjects I know!
But I also really don’t want to miss out on having babies in some way or another – it’s just so hard to think about and not think about it. I am one of those Women that just wants to have babies. Ever since I was 16 years old I knew I wanted to be a Mother. I used to picture the perfect 2.4 family that I would have – but life just hasn’t quite worked out like that now has it!

My friends keep telling me to get active about it and basically go out there and look for Mr. Right but I say I am an old fashioned girl! I want him to come to me! But if he hasn’t shown up in the next year or so, then I will probably have to start the online search – god help me! I always vowed Id never be a girl that did that! Why oh why did my sister have to keep having so many babies! Can’t she just leave one for me, not one of her own of course that would be weird – I mean space in the universe so I could at least have one and our Mother would be able to pick up one of my babies rather than her millions of off-spring! Okay, sibling rivalry over – after all they are
kiddies. Here’s to 2018 and Mr.Right! I hope he knows my biological clock is ticking!

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