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kidsIt’s a pretty safe assumption to say that kids normal don’t like school, my self-included. Every year the kids pray for a now day, not just for the fun in the snow but for the not going o school aspect. I even remember getting exited for when the teacher wouldn’t show up to school because then there wouldn’t be that class that day and we can go outside and play.

Subs were also a treat since usually there were just paid babysitters trying to control us, but as usual, to no avail. I even remember sneaking out of class and going down the to the vending machines to get some snack as an icing on the cake for getting out and staying out without getting caught. We had a security guard, so we couldn’t sneak out of school. Believe me, if there wasn’t a guard, we would have definitely snuck out. The under lining factor that I see from my childhood is that, we just didn’t like class, and we got a high from not having it.

kids1Now as I get older and look back to my younger year I realize how much class and more importantly, paying attention in class are for the future. Having a solid educational foundation is paramount for anything you want to attempt in life. The younger years are so important since when you are young that’s when you absorb information the most. When you are older you have to deal with life. Whether its rent or family or a relationship, there is just so much more taking from your time doing or even learning something new.

Personally I finished college with a BA. Like everyone I didn’t really pay attention in elementary school or high school that much. Consequentially my marks weren’t the best. They weren’t bad but I could’ve definitely done better. I’m not saying that marks are everything and that you shouldn’t have a good time every so often. I simply wish that I understood how much having good grade help. People like parents or mentors do trying to convey the message to the younger generation of the importance of education but like many, I was well, too young to understand.

I find it interesting how that works. It’s kind of like a circle of like situation. From my humble experience I see that this phenomenon is repeated by every young generation. When you are young you are told and you hear what they are telling you but only later do you truly understand. I find that it’s not even just education, it’s basically everything. Forget about those who unfortunately don’t have guardians to show then the way but even fortunate people. A person only heads the warning only after the fact. Or regarding education, only once you are though school do you see the potential and the goodness you had there. How can we let the younger ones see what they will later learn, only when it’s too late? Well now that’s a great question. I guess that’s one of life’s greatest lesson.

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