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ecofriendlyEvery shampoo, soap, moisturizer, and other similar products that Alvin Jackson owned had one problem. It had sulfates, parabens and other chemicals that Alvin had recently been reading a lot about were probably not the best for him to have. He needed to figure out what to do about this!

From the research that Alvin did he soon discovered that shampoo, soap, moisturizer, and a lot of other similar products did all have sulfates and parabens yet some research seemed to say that this wasn’t something to worry about. Others disagreed arguing that these sulfates and parabens could be highly damaging to the rest of your body  . Alvin was always a more cautious person though and decided it made more sense for him to get more natural products. So he decided going with the shampoos and soaps that contained more natural oils. He also considered buying a lot of natural oils themselves like avocado oil or sandalwood oil to help him have better overall skin and hair. A company that makes a great collection of these types of products is

natural-shampooHe decided he would try a bunch of them. One problem though. A lot of these natural oils and the products that contained them tended to be a little more expensive. He then discovered a small store in the Greenwich Village of Manhattan, not to far from his NYU dorm room, that sold discounted natural products. How did they do this? They had a vegetarian restaurant that was a huge chain in Manhattan that was the main funder of their small natural products store. This is how they were able to sell these natural products for such discounted prices. Otherwise they probably wouldn’t be able to survive. I mean it would just be to expensive the price for a good tea tree oil shampoo is just to high. It was also miraculous that in a neighborhood as affluent as Greenwich Village you could find such a discounted store. Pretty crazy no? Back to our story though. Alvin was ecstatic to discover more discounted natural oils and other natural products containing these oils. It didn’t cost him all that much. After shopping Alvin went back to his dorm room with all of his new natural products in hand. He began to apply them in normal proportional amounts according to the amounts you were supposed to apply.

Over the next few weeks Alvin was extremely pleased with the results of all of his natural products. His skin, hair and overall demeanor, due to the natural products aromatherapy properties, helped him feel and look a lot good. Alvin soon discovered that there were a lot of other friends of his that lived on his floor of his NYU dorm room. They also began to shop for the natural products and had a lot of great results from these products as well. Before you knew it the entire floor of their NYU dorm room became free from Sulfates and Paraben’s. All these NYU students buying natural products from this store helped the other natural product stores have more competitive prices. Before you knew it Greenwich Village became a great place for this stuff.

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