Oh No I have A Leak

Finally moving out of Givat Shmuel, finishing Bar Ilan, and getting arried. It all was happening so quickly for Yochanan Weissberg. He figured though that’s just how time was. He was now in his mid 20’s like 23, 24. It was time Yochanan reflected on how he had seen a lot in his life as he began to walk into his new apartment in the Baca neighborhood of Jerusalem where him and his wife would be living after getting married. He just found the apartment early and needed to live there for a little bit. Everyone basically has this kind’ve situation you know what I mean? Yochanan thought about when he was in Golani and how he had even seen a little bit of action during Tzuk Eitan. It was sometime in mid July he didn’t have to take Moed Bet so he was able to finish school earlier on. His wife on the other hand was not in the same situation. He noticed though that in the living room there was some water on the floor. The air conditioning had leaked a little bit. It was a good thing he realized at 10:30 a.m. around when he was moving into the apartment. He needed help. So water_damage_house-floodhe did what way to many people in the 21 st century in his age group did. He posted on Camp Bar Ilan/Givat Shmuel to see if any of his friends who had moved to the Baca area knew too. They commended 50 tikkunim a new repair organization. Really good guys commented a girl with 45 mutual friends with him commented. It looked like she knew a lot of these people from Camp Stone were a lot of his highschool friends from Tzioni went. He took her word for it. If your looking for home repair solutions check out EfesTakalot.com.

The repair guy came about a half an hour early as expected in Israel. Yochanan explained to him how he was getting married and the repair guy decided to give him a 20% discount. It only cost him 150 shekel to repair the leaked Air conditioning. It took the repair guy a record 25 minutes. This had never happened to Yochanan in any of his apartments in Givat Shmuel nor when he lived in the chayal black-dude-reading-booksboded apartment at Yeshivat Hakotel while he was in the army. Yochanan also really liked this guy so he gave him a 20 shekel tip. He figured financially he’d be fine. He was starting a job at a great Jerusalem tech company Glide in about three weeks and he was told by his friends in Bar Ilan and especially Machon Lev how great of a company it is and he expected he’d be able to afford just a little 20 shekel. Granted he knew this was Jerusalem and he knew he had to budget his money accordingly. He figured though he could be a little generous. When he called his finance Eliana she pretty much agreed with too. He figured that he would tell her though because the two now had a joint Bank Hapoalim account in the Merkaz Hair of Jerusalem.

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