Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna

This was probably one of the best scams in reality show history. Poor Rob Kardashian. He’s the brother of the famous Kardashian sisters. He’s constantly been living in their shadows. He used to be this cute guy on the earlier season, but he just got too much money without doing any work that he let himself go. He gained a lot of weight. I think his highest weight was somewhere around three hundred and fifty pounds.

To be honest, he’s been through a lot and suffers from depression. He has never been the same since losing his father at such a young age. Living your life under the spotlight can also cause a lot of damage if you don’t know how to handle it. He once dated Adrienne from The Cheetah Girls. The whole family loved them together but unfortunately, he was a moron and cheated on her. Never cheat on a cheetah sister. He’s had his fair share of bad relationships, Mostly people using him. Adrienne was his last good one.

Well anyway, his most recent public relationship was with Blac Chyna. Blac Chyna became famous for being friends with Kim Kardashian and dating a rapper. She used to be a high-class stripper, if that’s even a real thing. Well anyway she was dating Rob and quickly got pregnant. He even proposed to her. She really had him wrapped around her finger. She wanted that Kardashian money. She even tried to legally change her last name to Kardashian. But, Kris Jenner would have no part in that. She wasn’t allowed to change her name. And thank God, because that relationship went downhill fast.

They got their own show to document her pregnancy and their engagement. The show was just screaming on top of screaming. Everyone watching the show couldn’t understand how these two people wound up together, but everyone knew it was because she was a master manipulator. She was the queen of drama and Rob loved the drama. Black Chyna’s mother is trash just like her. The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The one season of the show ended with the birth of their daughter, Dream. She’s very cute and I’m happy for Rob to have a daughter. It just stinks that he has to co-parent with the crazy woman, Blac Chyna. Apparently right after she gave birth, Rob paid for her surgery to get back that stripper body. She just claimed it was diet and exercise. They went through a blood custody battle but I think they are at a good place now. She wanted a lot of money from Rob, like a ridiculous amount. She really tortured him. Their poor daughter.

I don’t think anyone in the Kardashian family has a relationship with her. Which is probably a good thing. Her scam worked though. She had a baby with a very rich man, and now he’s going to be giving her a lot of money every month. The Kardashians were bamboozled. Blac Chyna is really a genius if you ask me.

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